About Us

Who are we

We are a fellowship of committed Christian pastors and churches who are passionate about seeing Australia presented with the message about Jesus in our generation. Our membership is voluntary and comes from a personal commitment to further the claims of Jesus.

Each church is an independent entity with it’s own constitution, leadership team and governance structure.

Theologically we are evangelical as we fully subscribe to the view that our relationship with God is by Grace alone, though Faith alone, in Jesus alone as revealed in the Bible alone. We regard the Reformation doctrines of God’s sovereignty and His work in salvation as fundamental to the Christian faith. (For further expansion see the Statement of Faith in our Constitution and the doctrinal statement in the Geneva Push website.

We are a fellowship of churches. Full membership of FIEC is for churches. The Senior Pastor/Minster of the individual church represents each church. There is provision for Associate Membership for men who have been approved by the Geneva Push and are planning to plant a church in Australia.

As pastors we believe that the proclamation of God’s Word leads to the building of Christ’s church.

What we do

As stated in our Constitution FIEC has been established to:

(A) Encourage and provide support for the continued planting of independent evangelical churches, and

(B) Encourage the member churches to ongoing faithful evangelical ministry, and

(C) Encourage and facilitate regular fellowship, and mutual support, between independent evangelical churches, and

(D) Facilitate access to and enable the sharing of resources employed in planting, managing and operating independent evangelical churches, and

(E) Facilitate the recruiting, training and employment of staff of independent evangelical churches, and

(F) Facilitate movement of staff between independent evangelical churches and other evangelical churches, and

(G) Promote the ministries of independent evangelical churches.

Why we do it

God is a saving God and He desires that people might be saved (1 Timothy 2:3-4). There is a compelling reason to bring the message of deliverance from the wrath of God to this nation.

In the early days of European settlement in Australia there were many individual occasions where men from older denominations established Christian congregations in the developing colony. Evangelicals, in particular, came out from England, often under great duress, to found new congregations and churches. God blessed their ministries and much fine work was done.

Over the decades the work increased but in the twentieth century it began to slow down. The situation developed where if a denomination was represented in a city or township, irrespective of the numerical size or situation, no other church was commenced.

No denomination or religious organisation ‘owns’ people. We believe that we should reach those people who are not within the fellowship of His people and who are currently expressing a commitment to Jesus as Lord (Matthew 28:18-20).

How we do it

We encourage the planting of new churches and congregations by evangelists who have been trained in the Scriptures and who have demonstrated an ability to be able to establish a church plant.

We require men who undertake this ministry to undergo an assessment provided by the Geneva Push organization. It has been specifically established to assist in this project. Other evangelical and protestant groups or denominations are similarly using Geneva’s resources for their church planting ministries.

Because Geneva is indigenous to Australia it is ably placed to determine those who are suited, under God, for the task. Please see the Geneva website for more details.

Where we do it

Basically wherever we can within Australia. There is no place where people are excused from putting their trust in Jesus and following Him.

Our particular interest is in those cities or towns where existing people are not being reached and where evangelical churches are few and far between. Such locations indicate opportunities for additional churches to be started.

Sometimes a man has a particular interest in a region, or in an identifiable community, and gathers a small team to get a ministry started.

Building Christ’s church by proclaiming God’s Word
100 new churches across Australia in 15 years